How to BLEND IN at the Pub

The stereotype of the loud, arrogant American is known all too well by just about everyone in Europe. Even without ever opening your mouth, locals will know you’re not from around here. Watching a football game in a pub is a fantastic experience so here are some tips to help you fit in and enjoy the full experience.


This is the most important rule. Nothing pisses off a European than thinking its called soccer. DO NOT EVER DO THIS.

  1. Order a Drink:

Even if its not a pint, you’re there watching the game for free. It’s in good taste to spend some money for the hosts. But don’t get too many drinks.



  1. Don’t Get too Loud or too Rowdy:

As is often the case while watching say American football in a bar, people tend to get very animated and cause a scene. It’s always good to avoid these instances, especially because as an American it’s perceived to be “in character”

  1. Converse with the Fans:

Its always good to chat with the other fans around you, the camaraderie is a fantastic element that makes watching a great experience. Show off your knowledge of the sport and find out their perspectives

  1. Moan at the Ref After a Bad Call:

A bit of cheeky fun, nothing brings fans together more than mugging off a ref after a call that goes against them



  1. Be Respectful:

The whole experience is all in good fun, don’t be that guy that flies off the handle and ruins it for everyone


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