Easy and Cheap Games to Get to

While the English Premier League is one of the most watched, known, and competitive leagues across the entire world, there are many other highly entertaining, easily accessible, and CHEAP games to go see in England.

The English Championship is one division below the flagship Premier League. While the drop-off in quality of play can be significant, the games remain extremely competitive as they’re all playing to get promoted to the top flight.

Newcastle, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers, and Nottingham Forest (who actually somehow won the Champions League) are just a few teams in the league that have a decorated history of success in England.

Tickets for these games are as cheap as £20!! for students.


This is a great site to keep an eye on for enticing fixtures and deals.

Forget the hassle of needing to be a member of the club, it is an extreme rarity that these games sell out and almost ALWAYS are offering tickets at the gate. Just plan to get to the ticket office about an hour before kickoff. After getting tickets, enjoy a pie and pint for an hour before watching a great game for dirt cheap.


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