Magic of the FA Cup

The oldest cup competition in world football, and each year since it was first played in 1871 it adds a new chapter of drama and intrigue. Teams in the lowest division of English Football can advance and end up playing in Wembley Stadium against the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Wayne Rooney, Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard and other world class talents.

Each game is a one elimination knockout, so no matter what team you are you are absolutely going all out to win. These fixtures can sometimes be blowouts, but that can happen when a lowly club team that plays in a stadium with a 15k capacity plays against a Manchester United. Even though the talent divide can be steep, there is always unpredictability. You are almost always guaranteed a good show when attending one of these games.

A huge plus is that tickets for FA Cup games are much easier to come by then a regular league game and definitely easier than getting tickets to a European cup game. If you are a fan of a title challenging team like Arsenal or Chelsea, almost every game is sold out. FA Cup games are much easier to get your hands on, provided your team continues to progress.

Keep an eye out for the fixture releases and dates the tickets go on sale.

BBC has every English fixture being played on any given day, this is an excellent resource for finding accessible games, especially FA Cup.

If you pay attention to dates and times, you could get cheap tickets to a guaranteed great game.


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