International Break

The two words that send most football fans into dismay. But, there is a sliver lining.What it means is that the clubs around the world will all take a week off from league and cup play and certain players will get called up to represent their country. International teams usually play around 2-3 games during the week off.

Depending on what time of the year and actually what year it is (European Championships and World Cup alternate every 4 years). There will be friendlies and important qualifying matches to be played. This year is one after the Euros and one away from the World Cup, which means matches played this year are World Cup qualifiers, massively important.

FIFA posts a schedule on how the year will break down, more specific fixtures are available upon a more investigative look. Here’s a link:

International teams usually play in the dominant stadium of their particular country, i.e. Wembley for England, Camp Nou for Spain. But sometimes, a country will play in a more popular country in an effort to get more of a fan attendance, for example this past weekend Nigeria played Senegal at the Hive in London. While you would think these games are extremely difficult to get to you, you’d actually be quite surprised.

These stadiums are absolutely MASSIVE and have an enormous amount of seats to sell, for actually cheaper than you would think. If you stay on top of the schedule and order early, you could very well get tickets to these games.

These games are so worth it, international breaks are sporadic and the atmosphere at this type of fixture is second to none. Breathtaking.



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