Wembley Stadium

Wembley certainly lived up to its lofty expectations. The atmosphere within the national stadium was the best I’ve experienced throughout my travels

England took on Lithuania in a World Cup qualifier ahead of the tournament in Russia in 2018. The game certainly had important implications and in front of their home crowd the players certainly knew the occasion. England brought a powerful first team headlined by Adam Lallana, Dele Alli, and Raheem Sterling. Lithuania was clearly the inferior side, but England is well known for their ability to bottle every opportunity.

Here are the highlights

The stadium itself was absolutely packed to full capacity at 90,000. And it certainly felt as if there were that many fans, if not more. The stadium was absolutely mad, everyone singing and supporting the English team. The atmosphere was simply incredible and with England completely dominating the game throughout, everyone was in high spirits the entire time.

The entire area around the stadium was alive ahead and after the game, with people all around and having a good time. The stadium is fairly easy to get to, with two tube stops on two different lines running to the stadium, its certainly accessible, which is 100% necessary with that amount of people pouring in and out.

Getting these tickets was unorthodox for me, as I bought through a group that offered subsidized prices. However, my mates were able to purchase tickets as late as the morning of for at most £50. What is good to know is that Wembley is so massive, they probably won’t sell out unless for a HUGE game like England v. another world superpower, i.e. the Germans.

I would say attending an English National team game at Wembley is a must do. Absolutely incredible experience.


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