Barnet FC: The Hive

Barnet is one of the most interesting clubs I have watched and I had absolutely no idea who they were before visiting. 

Barnet is a League 2 side, which means they’re in the fourth division of English professional football. Almost no one in the States will EVER interact with this division unless there are some truly insane circumstances. Most people in the UK will know that such a division exists and they might even know the names of some teams, but they won’t watch a game.

Barnet is a diamond in the rough.

The Hive is an extremely easy ground to get to, its the stop Canon’s Park on the Jubilee line and takes about 30 minutes from central London.

The stadium is recently renovated and decently sized considering the level of professional play Barney are at. There really will never be a seat that isn’t pitch side here, everything is right up close.

Barnet is INSANELY EASY to get tickets to and the tickets are AT MOST £20. Even if you buy a seat all the way up top in the largest stand, the West stand. There is almost no chance of it filling to capacity and you can always choose your seat because there are so many openings.

The quality of play is good, but you more or less know what you’re getting into when you buy League 2 tickets. I found the atmosphere of Barnet to be very fun and the home supporters are passionate.

Barnet is exactly the type of football culture you will never see in the US, and is absolutely a ground you should visit during your time here.


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